The North Kymi Music Institute - Facts and Figures

The North Kymi Music Institute (Pohjois-Kymen musiikkiopisto, PKMO) is one of the largest music institutes in Finland. PKMO is a regional institute comprising eight member municipalities. The Institute is situated in the town of Kouvola - the other members are the towns of Kuusankoski and Anjalankoski and the municipalities of Elimäki, Iitti, Jaala, Luumäki and Valkeala. The Institute is maintained by a private Patron's Association and governed by an executive committee appointed by the board of trustees. PKMO employs about 80 people.

The Music Institute has three levels: elementary, intermediate and adult. There is also a choir school, an opera class and a music kindergarten. The Suzuki method is employed in some teaching. The Institute offers classes in Pop & Jazz and since Autumn 1995 has had "open" department for outsiders. There are over 1100 pupils altogether of whom 700 study a solo instrument as their main subject. The rest are members of the music kindergarten and the open department.

Altogether 26 instruments are taught. Pupils generally apply to study a solo instrument between the ages of 6 and 15 by means of an entrance test in May. The exception is singing: applicants can be considered up to the age of 30. The Music Kindergarten is intended for pre-school-age children up to six years old. There are no entrance test for the kindergarten or the open department. The Music Institute also provides classes in music theory for all pupils studying solo instruments. The curriculum also provides for participation in vocal and instrument groups, choirs, opera and orchestras.


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